03 December 2010 @ 10:04 pm
i really don't need anymore spinoffs 'kay thanks  
So today I went shopping for my sister's Christmas presents and presents for myself. Yeah, how the hell does that work? Well, basically, Mom gave me a couple of hundred dollar bills and told me to "get [your] ass in Gamestop and go buy your goddamn presents - I'm tired of looking like an idiot in that store." I took Dezy and we went inside. The guys inside Gamestop were pretty cool, I found all of my stuff - Birth by Sleep and KH: Days anyway, didn't find FF X - and Dezy found Pokepark Wii and Pokemon: Guardian Signs but we didn't find Super Paper Mario.

I was hesitant to ask anyone 'cause I've heard horror stories about shitty service at Gamestop, but the guy who helped us was a total bro. When I told him the game was for my sister, he was like, "Don't worry, we'll find Mario!" And he made a big deal acting like a goofball in front of my sister looking for the game on the shelves, talking in this really bad Italian accent all the while. I've never encountered someone so goddamn goofy in my entire life, but Dezy thought he was hilarious as all hell. Anyway, we still didn't find it, and all he did was waste our time, really, but Dezy didn't seem to mind. She really loves the Mario RPG series and we never did get around to buying Super Paper Mario, so I really hope we find it... Mom kind of rolled her eyes and was like, "You should think of another game, then." But I'll just ask Dad if we can keep looking for it, she really wants that game and this is the only time of year we can actually get video games, so I really wanna find it for her...

Later we went to Walmart and I snuck a Nintendo Power magazine in the cart. By the time mom noticed, it was already rung up, so +1 points for me! There was a huge Kingdom Hearts article in this edition, and it talks mostly about re:Coded and KH 3D. Yeah, KH: 3D, another goddamn spinoff. Why, Nomura, why? Why can't you just make a goddamn sequel to KH II? Would that really be so hard? I'm looking at the screenshots from the game (like, there's only four pictures) and I see Twilight Thorn in Traverse Town, Sora and Riku in Destiny Islands, and Riku running around Traverse Town, all in their KH I outfits. Yay for rehashed bosses... Anyway, in the interview, Nomura said that in the E3 trailer, the sky was "raining Soras" which makes my mind bleed. Does it connect with the KH I opening, how Sora saw himself falling from the sky? (Wasn't that a goddamn dream though?) And why do characters have to fall dramatically in KH games anyway...

Also, about re:Coded... Nomura, who the hell told you that you could turn KH into a puzzle game? I just cannot play puzzle games, puzzles are not fun. In most Pokemon games, whenever it came time to go down the Victory Road, I'd pull up an online walkthrough 'cause I sure as hell wasn't gonna sit around for hours solving strength puzzles... In Zelda games, it takes me forever to progress when there's some tricky puzzle, and I won't touch Professor Layton games with a ten foot pole. I don't want to solve puzzles, puzzles are not fun! So, I do not want to play a KH game where I must solve puzzles! This should be very simple logic, Nomura! Oh, and another thing - apparently, you don't play as Sora, but you play as a "Data Form" of Sora, who acts differently than Sora would. 'Kay, so... what's the point of playing as Sora? Why don't we just play as Roxas then - whoops, he's "dead."

The horrible thing is that one day I will eventually buy this game when it's gone down to like $20 at Gamestop, or something...
(That's what I did with KH: Days anyway.)

Blah, whatever. I'm going to go sit down and watch anime, and no one can stop me! Seriously, I've missed like 3+ episodes of Star Driver, and I need my weekly dosage of GALACTIC PRETTY BOI. And I'm also watching Togainu no Chi, which is this gay anime (literally) that has really bad animation. It's one of those "so bad it's good" sort of deals, except it's not really good but hilariously good but really bad... Lol, I don't know! ... I JUST LIKE WATCHING IT OKAY. . Like, everyone is a guy in this anime, and everyone secretly wants to bone the main dude, but no one ever does. DO IT ALREADY. BE A MAN. A MANLY MAN.

Okay, okay, I'm going! That's like, two blog posts in a day, I know, I'm horrible ... I JUST HAVE A LOT TO SAY.
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27 November 2010 @ 01:16 pm
fuck you guard armor, you ruined my childhood  
Alright! So I know for sure that I'm definitely getting Final Fantasy XIII and Fable III for Christmas! In fact, I know for a fact that Dad snagged it yesterday - mainly because I begged and pleaded for him to, haha. There was a sale at Gamestop yesterday (it was Black Friday and all, of course) where Final Fantasy XIII was 50% off (making it $20 instead of the usual $40) and Fable III was $20 dollars off (making it $40 instead of $60!). So yeah, it was a steal of a deal! Hah! Now I just hope that I'll get Birth by Sleep and Days - then Christmas will be amazing!

(Kiri, you're so cold-hearted, there's more to Christmas besides presents!)
I know, I know, but I'm a broke gamer, don't judge me!
This is the only time besides my birthday where I get to have new video games!

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I wonder if I'm alone in this, but... whenever I hear the trademark Song 'ping' at the end of all their commercials now, I immediately think of Kingdom Hearts. It's because, in the commercials for the second game, they used that same sound at the beginning of the commercial - I believe it was the original sound for Square Enix... or something. It's probably just me, but that's something that's been bugging me a lot lately! Just to check if it was true, I went and rewatched the KH II commercial on YouTube, and yeah, it's the same sound! But damn, watching that commercial brings back fond memories... I remember all the KH II news was talked about all over Disney Channel (pre-Hannah Montana, when it was actually good?) and I squealed like a pathetic fangirl when I heard Jesse McCartney was going to be Roxas's voice, because I was such a big fan of him when I was younger! Ah, how old was I? I wish I knew! Maybe fourteen or so? Not sure. Ah, the memories...

In which Kiri talks way too much about her KH memories... )

But I'm excited to finally get my hands on Birth by Sleep and Days! I want to know what Xion's deal is - who the hell is she, why does she get to number XIV, and what happens to her, anyway? I want to know the backstory behind Ven and Aqua and Terra - why does Ven look so much like Roxas, what does "Birth by Sleep" mean anyway, and why does Vanitas look like... (Fuck, I thought I forgot about that spoiler! Get out of head, get out of my head right now!)

Seriously though, I can't wait! In the meantime, have some nostalgia...
In which Kiri posts some old, nostalgic KH commercials... )
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