catastrophic: (♕ that means i’ve to meet your father)

with a dash of catastrophe

an obscene false dream

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( the blog of the one and only kiri-catastrophe. uncouth, uncut, uncanny. )

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1984, advent children, alternative rock, analyzing, androgynous men, anime, anne rice, anonymity, apple spice muffins, atheism, baccano!, ballpoint pens, being a good samaritan, being cold, being lazy, being the boss, bisexuality, bishonen, bishōjo, black rock shooter, black★rock shooter, black★star, blogging, books, candles, cereal bars, checkmate, cinnamon toast crunch, cloudy days, coffee, cold winter days, connecting with other writers, crisis core, daydreaming, del's lemonade, dragon age, dreaming, durarara!!, edgeworth, ellen hopkins, english, enma ai, equality, eternal sonata, fables, fabulosity, fairy tail, fairy tales, fanfiction that has actual plot omagawd, fantasy, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, galactic pretty boy, gantz, gorillaz, harry potter, harvest moon, hot chocolate, i robot, internet culture, jigoku shoujo, journalism, juri arisugawa, justified text, kingdom hearts, kiraboshi!, kuragehime, kuroshitsuji, lawl out loud, lazy sundays, lemurs, life is a chess game, linkin park, lurking, m. t. anderson, magazines, magic, manga, marbles, memes, mind games, mindless self indulgence, minty fresh gum, muffins, muse, mythology, news, newspapers, night angel trilogy, novels, objection!, old meme is old, originality, oscar wilde, people watching, perfectionism, persona, phoenix wright, pokemon, procrastinating, prose, quiet libraries, rainy days, ranting, reading, refuting your arguments, revenge, revolutionary girl utena, rhode island accents, riku, roleplay, roleplaying games, roooxaaaas!, roxas/xion, sarcasm, saturdays, scary stories, short stories, slash, sleeping, sleeping in until noon on weekends, soccer, soul eater, speculative fiction, spirited away, squall leonhart, squeenix, stalking, star driver, stephen king, stories, tales of vesperia, the amazing atheist, the legend of zelda, the world ends with you, thinking, trying to find myself, tv tropes, video games, watching movies late at night, waterfire, weasley is our king, wishing, writing, xbox 360, xion, yomi, your argument is invalid, zack fair
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