28 September 2010 @ 06:24 pm
intro. “i am a blogger to the core.”  
Kiri is a lazy high school student who spends her days playing video games, hoarding books wherever she can get her grubby hands on them, and writing whatever pops up in her head. Writing is probably the only thing she's good at, so she tries to do it well... although her chronic laziness gets in the way sometimes. She's a procrastinator to the extreme; the only things she doesn't put off are her cat naps. She's also one of those lamer nerds who watches anime and plays video games in her mom's basement. Kiri is an open-minded dissenting atheist to the core, which probably means she's going to hell, but she's just fine with that! When she's not refuting arguments or lulzing at noobs, she's lurkin' in yo forums, reading up on internet culture and  lurking youtube, since she's a huge fan of viral videos and videos how certain videos end up turning into memes. Believe it or not, Kiri is an aspiring journalist, hoping to be the one to supply people like with news of how our little world keeps spiraling downward more and more each day. Despite this lengthy intro, Kiri really hates introductions and doesn't really see the point of them. You'll learn a lot more about her from reading her blog than you will this! So what are you waiting for, huh? 

With a Dash of Catastrophe is a public blog, and it always will be. Blogging is incredibly therapeutic for me, and just like any other piece of writing, I wouldn't want to lock up my blog entries to the world. When it comes to blogging, I try to be as raw and uncensored as possible —  this is a place for me to express my opinion, after all!

As a general warning, I'll have you know that at times, I can be uncouth and raw in my entries, other times I can be happy and fun, other times I'll spend a whole post wondering why I do the stupid things I do., and other times I'll post when I haven't gotten any sleep at all, making my writing near incomprehensible (hopefully that will not happen often!) Since I am also a huge writer and love what I do, I'll also be posting drabbles, short stories, chaptered works, etc., in this blog. They won't be exclusive to friends either— they'll all be public, especially since you can probably find them on my deviantArt account anyway.

Sometimes I'll ramble on about fandom and video games / anime that I'm playing or watch - I don't do it often since I don't actively participate in fandom, but even I can't squelch my inner fangirl sometimes! I play a lot of video games, watch a ton of anime and read tons of manga, so occassionally you'll see me rant and rave and squeal about those too. My Shelfari, Anime List and Playfire list all of the things I've read, watched, played, or are just interested in. My favorite fandoms are probably found in my interests list, so you can check that if you're curious.

I don't have much of a formal access list policy.
If you find this blog interesting, subscribe! You don't need to ask about it, just go ahead and do it! And If I find you interesting, I'll subscribe to you as well. Don't feel obligated to subscribe to me because I subscribed to you, and realize that just because you subscribed to me does not necessarily mean that I'll subscribe back to you. I like to get to know people before just friending them willy-nilly,  so  please, don't take any offense! (Although chances are, I'll subscribe back to sooner rather than later.)

In short, welcome to With a Dash of Catastrophe— uncouth, uncut, uncensored, uncanny.
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