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2011-02-28 08:56 pm


... (Kiri, you're so late. You're so late it's not even funny.)

OKAY SO I've recently been playing Oblivion (it was a semi-birthday present - "We're at the mall now anyway, so while we buy the TV you can go shop around if you want. -  and one of the infuriating reasons why the rentals aren't getting me Dragon Age 2 until Christmas, yay...) and HOLY SHIT where has this game been all my life. Admittedly, I didn't think I would like it - hell I heard of it but I hadn't really, you know, been INFORMED about the SHEER LEVELS OF BADASSERY that this game has. Holy shit. It is by far the best RPG I have ever played in my life ever. SERIOUSLY, where has it been all my life?! I'm currently playing as a Redguard rogue and roleplaying through a character in a video game has never been so much fucking fun. I was never really able to get behind my character in Dragon Age / Mass Effect, they were just an avatar I used to play the game - but in Oblivion, I really feel like I am Demeter Larke (my character), and playing as her is ridiculously epic. Never in my life has a game been so much fuckin' fun. Seriously. I know Oblivion is the only Bethseda game I've ever played, but now I'm stoked for Skyrim and I really wanna find a copy of Fallout 3 and later Fallout: New Vegas because CHRIST these people are awesome at making immersive games. I prolly should mention that this is the first game I've ever played in first person (no, combat in Mass Effect doesn't count) so maybe that's part of the reason? But I want more from Bethseda. MOAR I SAY. Seriously, this is just... the best game ever. EVER.

SPEAKING OF AWESOME GAMES I'm also playing Baldur's Gate! Have not made much progress though. I started out playing a bard but I'm not really digging the spells bards get anyway, so I was gonna switch to a warrior but that's so fucken boring man, so now I'm not really sure what I'm doing and gaaaaargh! [personal profile] razzberree told me that this is seriously the best game she's ever played so I wanna do my first runthrough with a badass character BUT I keep switching and it's really fucken annoying that I can't just pick one...! I'm prolly gonna go back to my Bard - I got moderately far (psssh, not really) on that save slot so yeah, I'll just deal with it.

While we're on the topic of Bioware HOLY SHIT have you SEEN the DA2 characters? The Fenris from that game reminds me of my own beloved character Fenrisulfr Rotht. They both have that white hair, tortured mage thing going on, yeah? FFFFF, definitely romancing him first! I feel kind of left out though - like, a lot of those characters in DA2 are from Awakenings and hell if I played Awakenings, but I'm pretty sure you don't need to play Awakenings to get the story... hopefully...!

Oh, you know that writer's blog that I started? Well, that I said I was gonna start? Yeah, I made it, but I'm not sure what to post.

Like, I could talk about how I had to retcon everyone's ages in part one because ten year olds talking politics makes no fucken sense (they're thirteen now, and their confusion about the government, racism, and elitism makes a lot more sense coming from frustrated teens than innocent ten year old kids). I mean, Prideans are supposed to have above average intelligence so that's why I made them ten, but...

What the hell, why is it easy to talk about this now than in my other blog? Less pressure, I suppose? I guess I'll go try making a post again... And no, I'm not posting the link up to that blog here, not until I actually get a post up! It's literally got nothing in it now...

In Summary! OBLIVION is fucken awesome, Kiri does want Fallout 3, Kiri needs to play MOAR Baldur's Gate and actually post crap on her writing blog! DO IT NOWS.

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2011-02-13 02:21 pm
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flipping off poseidon and then going for a swim

Yo! Guess who's been playing FF13? Could it be... KIRI!? Well, duh, who else!

My birthday isn't until the 15th, but I got my present early (since my birthday's on a school day this year, gross...) which was a 32" TV! Thanks, Dad! I was supposed to get a new rolly-chair too, but shit happens, but hell, who's complaining? No, I didn't get FF13 for my birthday - I got it for Christmas, actually, but I heard that the graphics in this game were beast, so I decided to wait until my birthday to play it. I've been meaning to talk about the video games I've been playing for a while now, but I just never got around to it... BUT, I finally finished Disc 1 of FF13 (which didn't take too long, actually... but I heard the other discs are way longer, which is a relief) so I figured, what better time to talk about my first impressions of the game?

In which Kiri gives her analysis of FFXIII: Disc One... )

(Hopefully this game isn't longer than Tales of Vesperia - I still haven't beaten that goddamn game....)
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2010-12-03 10:04 pm

i really don't need anymore spinoffs 'kay thanks

So today I went shopping for my sister's Christmas presents and presents for myself. Yeah, how the hell does that work? Well, basically, Mom gave me a couple of hundred dollar bills and told me to "get [your] ass in Gamestop and go buy your goddamn presents - I'm tired of looking like an idiot in that store." I took Dezy and we went inside. The guys inside Gamestop were pretty cool, I found all of my stuff - Birth by Sleep and KH: Days anyway, didn't find FF X - and Dezy found Pokepark Wii and Pokemon: Guardian Signs but we didn't find Super Paper Mario.

I was hesitant to ask anyone 'cause I've heard horror stories about shitty service at Gamestop, but the guy who helped us was a total bro. When I told him the game was for my sister, he was like, "Don't worry, we'll find Mario!" And he made a big deal acting like a goofball in front of my sister looking for the game on the shelves, talking in this really bad Italian accent all the while. I've never encountered someone so goddamn goofy in my entire life, but Dezy thought he was hilarious as all hell. Anyway, we still didn't find it, and all he did was waste our time, really, but Dezy didn't seem to mind. She really loves the Mario RPG series and we never did get around to buying Super Paper Mario, so I really hope we find it... Mom kind of rolled her eyes and was like, "You should think of another game, then." But I'll just ask Dad if we can keep looking for it, she really wants that game and this is the only time of year we can actually get video games, so I really wanna find it for her...

Later we went to Walmart and I snuck a Nintendo Power magazine in the cart. By the time mom noticed, it was already rung up, so +1 points for me! There was a huge Kingdom Hearts article in this edition, and it talks mostly about re:Coded and KH 3D. Yeah, KH: 3D, another goddamn spinoff. Why, Nomura, why? Why can't you just make a goddamn sequel to KH II? Would that really be so hard? I'm looking at the screenshots from the game (like, there's only four pictures) and I see Twilight Thorn in Traverse Town, Sora and Riku in Destiny Islands, and Riku running around Traverse Town, all in their KH I outfits. Yay for rehashed bosses... Anyway, in the interview, Nomura said that in the E3 trailer, the sky was "raining Soras" which makes my mind bleed. Does it connect with the KH I opening, how Sora saw himself falling from the sky? (Wasn't that a goddamn dream though?) And why do characters have to fall dramatically in KH games anyway...

Also, about re:Coded... Nomura, who the hell told you that you could turn KH into a puzzle game? I just cannot play puzzle games, puzzles are not fun. In most Pokemon games, whenever it came time to go down the Victory Road, I'd pull up an online walkthrough 'cause I sure as hell wasn't gonna sit around for hours solving strength puzzles... In Zelda games, it takes me forever to progress when there's some tricky puzzle, and I won't touch Professor Layton games with a ten foot pole. I don't want to solve puzzles, puzzles are not fun! So, I do not want to play a KH game where I must solve puzzles! This should be very simple logic, Nomura! Oh, and another thing - apparently, you don't play as Sora, but you play as a "Data Form" of Sora, who acts differently than Sora would. 'Kay, so... what's the point of playing as Sora? Why don't we just play as Roxas then - whoops, he's "dead."

The horrible thing is that one day I will eventually buy this game when it's gone down to like $20 at Gamestop, or something...
(That's what I did with KH: Days anyway.)

Blah, whatever. I'm going to go sit down and watch anime, and no one can stop me! Seriously, I've missed like 3+ episodes of Star Driver, and I need my weekly dosage of GALACTIC PRETTY BOI. And I'm also watching Togainu no Chi, which is this gay anime (literally) that has really bad animation. It's one of those "so bad it's good" sort of deals, except it's not really good but hilariously good but really bad... Lol, I don't know! ... I JUST LIKE WATCHING IT OKAY. . Like, everyone is a guy in this anime, and everyone secretly wants to bone the main dude, but no one ever does. DO IT ALREADY. BE A MAN. A MANLY MAN.

Okay, okay, I'm going! That's like, two blog posts in a day, I know, I'm horrible ... I JUST HAVE A LOT TO SAY.
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2010-11-27 01:16 pm

fuck you guard armor, you ruined my childhood

Alright! So I know for sure that I'm definitely getting Final Fantasy XIII and Fable III for Christmas! In fact, I know for a fact that Dad snagged it yesterday - mainly because I begged and pleaded for him to, haha. There was a sale at Gamestop yesterday (it was Black Friday and all, of course) where Final Fantasy XIII was 50% off (making it $20 instead of the usual $40) and Fable III was $20 dollars off (making it $40 instead of $60!). So yeah, it was a steal of a deal! Hah! Now I just hope that I'll get Birth by Sleep and Days - then Christmas will be amazing!

(Kiri, you're so cold-hearted, there's more to Christmas besides presents!)
I know, I know, but I'm a broke gamer, don't judge me!
This is the only time besides my birthday where I get to have new video games!

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I wonder if I'm alone in this, but... whenever I hear the trademark Song 'ping' at the end of all their commercials now, I immediately think of Kingdom Hearts. It's because, in the commercials for the second game, they used that same sound at the beginning of the commercial - I believe it was the original sound for Square Enix... or something. It's probably just me, but that's something that's been bugging me a lot lately! Just to check if it was true, I went and rewatched the KH II commercial on YouTube, and yeah, it's the same sound! But damn, watching that commercial brings back fond memories... I remember all the KH II news was talked about all over Disney Channel (pre-Hannah Montana, when it was actually good?) and I squealed like a pathetic fangirl when I heard Jesse McCartney was going to be Roxas's voice, because I was such a big fan of him when I was younger! Ah, how old was I? I wish I knew! Maybe fourteen or so? Not sure. Ah, the memories...

In which Kiri talks way too much about her KH memories... )

But I'm excited to finally get my hands on Birth by Sleep and Days! I want to know what Xion's deal is - who the hell is she, why does she get to number XIV, and what happens to her, anyway? I want to know the backstory behind Ven and Aqua and Terra - why does Ven look so much like Roxas, what does "Birth by Sleep" mean anyway, and why does Vanitas look like... (Fuck, I thought I forgot about that spoiler! Get out of head, get out of my head right now!)

Seriously though, I can't wait! In the meantime, have some nostalgia...
In which Kiri posts some old, nostalgic KH commercials... )
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2010-11-16 08:09 pm

your name in print on the third page of the post

Okay, I'm really bad at blogging every day. I missed blogging yesterday, and I was online yesterday too, I just... didn't feel like blogging. Blargh.

But, here's some good news - my article finally got printed in the East Providence Post
(Yes, I'm disclosing where I live to the entire Internets, oh noes!)

What article, you ask? The article I was stressing out writing for weeks on Marc Dorcean, the Haitian musician who came to my school to do a concert for Haiti relief. It made third page too, which was excellent - I was scared that they'd push it to the back if they were going to print it at all... And it got a mention on the front page! If my scanner worked I'd definitely scan it in (it'd be a good picture to put in a DW scrapbook, if we ever get one), but alas, all I have to give is my word. I have to admit, seeing my name in print really is a lot more exciting than I thought it'd be. My Latin teacher was showing off the article to everyone in Latin class today and I didn't really know what to make of it, really.

However, there was one person in my class who kind of scoffed and was like,
"Just an article in the newspaper? Is that good enough for your senior project?"

... Seriously? Have you ever tried writing a goddamn article for the newspaper? Like, I'm talking actual news - not your Perez Hilton-esque blog that you might think is actual news, no, the newspaper, that gets printed and posted for the masses (like you) to read, for free? (The Post is free anyway, I know not every paper is.) It's not easy, not at all! Interviewing someone is nerve wracking and if you don't take proper notes, you won't get the quotes you need. You can't just make up shit like you would if you're writing a story - every fact you write needs to be factual, you can never add in your own opinion. And it needs to be long enough to cover everything that happens, but short enough to keep the attention span of the masses. However, if it's too short, they'll plaster ads all over your article's page and it'll look shitty as hell.

So, yes, I think it's good enough for my senior project, thank you very much.

Either way, with this article done, that's 2/4 of my senior project complete. I'm chuggin' along at a good rate, I'd say!

Also, I'm in a dilemma! A crisis, I'd say! ...I don't know what to put on my Christmas list!
... No seriously, this is a huge problem.

Here's the deal. I know for sure I'm getting Final Fantasy XIII and Assassin's Creed 2 (yeah, yeah, I know, old games, old news, leave me alone; I'm poor, I say!). But, thing is, I really really want to get Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days. (Or KH: a shitload of days, as I call it, because really, what's up with that title? I'm sure there's probably something symbolic about it that I have to play the game to understand, knowing Nomura. Or, he just thought the numbers sounded pretty.)

Yeah, I know - they're both relatively aged, especially Days, but I've kind of been pushing KH aside for other games. Blasphemous, I know! But I really want to get back into KH games, I mean, KH was the first fandom I ever got into and went crazy about! KH is how I made most of my friends, especially the ones still with me today! ... The problem is that I know nothing about these games, not even plot wise. I've somehow stayed away from all spoilers so I have no real want to pick it up. But if I spoil myself... I don't know how I'll feel about them after! It's truly a dilemma! I'm a broke, poor gamer, so I have to really scrutinize what I pick up...

I also want Fable III, and that's already like, sixty frickin' dollars! Ugh, why can't I get a job, whyy...

Oh, and I'm definitely getting Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Yeah, I know, I mentioned I was playing that the other day, but the truth is that I just downloaded the ROM and used an emulator to play it. But when I got to the last case, well, they started implementing the touch screen, and my emulator, or no emulator that I've tried, could handle it. So, I definitely have to snag that too. And while we're at it, Bioshock is a really old game that I want to play too, it must be only fifteen dollars or so by now...

Argh, it sucks being a broke gamer!
If there's ever been an appropriate time to throw a temper tantrum, now would be the time.
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2010-11-03 09:28 pm

a girl who is unnaturally natural

, There is absolutely no way for me to weasel my way out of interviewing Mr. Marc Dorcean on Nov. 5. Absolutely no way. My Latin teacher's wife told the senior project head about it and she says that this will be a "unique opportunity," and that I could base my the physical senior project... project around it. If my article is good enough to go in the Post, I will be exempt from making a video. The offer is so tempting - there is no way for me to refuse. This way, I don't have to bring dad's laptop to school just to show off some shitty video - this way, I can have my project over and done with before I'm even done with my hours! But am I capable of interviewing a famous musician?

Goddamnit, I'm just a kid! I'm only seventeen! I play video games and read Lord of the Rings, I'm not good enough for this sort of thing! But everyone believes so much in me. I'm not sure why. Everyone was pushing me today, telling me, You have to do this, you have to do this. And I don't have a choice in this matter, really. I've been so stressed out, that I was hoping my bum knee would collapse on me (like is usually does around this time of year, when it starts getting chilly) so I'd have an excuse to be absent and burn all their expectations of me, but I can't back out now.

I'm doing this so I don't have to bring dad's laptop to school... He loves that thing, I don't want to bring it to such an unholy place... And really, I don't really have a choice anymore. Somehow I've landed myself into this situation and nobody gives a damn about what I want anymore. They all think I'm some sort of overachiever, but I'm not, really. I'm just your average student. SAT score is somewhere around the 1600's, I get mostly A's except for a B/C in math sometimes... I'm exceptional at reading and writing, but that's it, really... I don't see the point in wasting your life away in grades and tests and etc... There's a life out there beyond the educational system, and once I get out of school, I'm never looking back.

I'll brainstorm interview questions later. I don't feel like thinking about it now.

I spent most of my time playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney today. Man, I love that game! I'm on Edgeworth's trial, Turnabout Goodbyes I think it's called, and we've just found out that the man in the boat rental shack could very well have been the one to the victim, not Edgey! I really love Edgeworth, he's probably got a spot for one of my top favorite characters of all time. He's cocky, confident, and cold, but when you see him being accused of murder, he definitely shows a human side that's so relatable! He's got so many secrets too... I have to remember not to read the spoilers on the wikis! They'll just ruin the game! And man, Phoenix is a total bro to Edgeworth, becoming a defense attorney just so he could get a hold of him... It's true friendship, I say! 

Oh, and as for my writing... I've decided... even though I spent all my time making notes for [community profile] origfic_bingo yesterday, I'm going to scrap them, and just make all of my prompts one shots. No... I don't have any ideas for one shots, just vague things, but that's probably the better way to do it. No one'll read anything that's got actual chapters, and the stories I want to tell can be told in one piece anyway. Yeah, I know, I worked so hard on my notes, but, like always, I'll just wing it! And if I'm good at anything, its crafting a good story. Kiri: master liar, storyteller, she thinks on her feet and isn't afraid of anything!
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2010-10-26 07:35 pm
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time to go shopping for new excuses

English is the one subject I look forward to the most in school (well, I'm pretty fond of African American history too, and Latin is pretty great as well, now that I think about it) but today, that period was rudely interrupted, since the seniors were all called down to go to the college fair down in the gym that period. Man, I was really ticked! I already know exactly what I'm going to do for college - I'm going to apply to URI and take journalism, and write for newspapers, and hopefully one day work in a publishing house for books, and eventually get my own novel published, and see where life takes me from there. I have my life all planned out. It's not perfect or anything, but I'll have a job with something I at least find semi-interesting, I suppose. It's more than most people do for themselves. I should be glad.

Besides, there weren't any interesting colleges there, just the same old shit that everyone already knows about. You can't even imagine how frustrated I was - I could've been in English reading Beowulf, when instead, I had to drag my heels around some stupid college fair. It was pretty boring, especially since I had no one to really tag along with. Not that I'm the sort of person who needs other people to be around, but being in a big, empty gym with absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to sit, and my books and notebooks up in the classroom can really make a person bored out of their wits. It was a lot more fun when I found Nimh; she doesn't know what she's doing for college yet, so I followed her around and we make stupid jokes about the different colleges together. At the end of the fair, she decided that Johnson and Wales was her dream school, and I hope she gets in - 'cause at least they don't look at SAT test scores. URI does.

And SAT test scores wouldn't even be much of a problem for me if I wasn't so inadequate at math. My reading scores and writing scores are way above average, but my math score brings everything down. And it sucks, 'cause most colleges look at each individual score for each section separately, instead of just looking at the score as a whole. My new SAT scores from the SAT I took back on October 9th come out on the 28th (two days from now!) and I'm hoping and praying that my math score is at least a 550. Is that so much to ask? I don't think it's a hard thing to ask... I know I probably don't deserve it, but all I want is a good SAT math score. Then, so much of my problems would be solved!

At the college fair, we passed by a booth for the Navy, and it wasn't until after the fair was over that I thought seriously about joining the navy. Haha, someone like me, becoming one of America's dogs - just the thought of it, isn't that so unlike me? But wouldn't it be interesting, to travel and see the world on a boat? To work as a journalist on the boat, and have the Navy pay for 100% of my college tuition? To come out as a changed, disciplined, humble person? For a while today, I thought seriously hard about it. It'd be tough - I'm not in the greatest physical condition (I haven't been exercising... I know it's part of my quadruple daily dares, but I just keep putting it off!) but if it was to join the Navy and go on a grand adventure overseas, I could get myself into shape! I jokingly asked my mom what she thought of me joining, and she just kind of laughed. I know I should probably get it out of my head, but meh... I just want to be as free as possible, I want to see the world, and I want to go on grand adventures, I don't want to just mold into the crowd. I don't know.

Interning with my Latin teacher turned out okay today. He didn't really press about the Way to Go RI script, and I worked mainly on getting the Townie Newspaper website online. The newspaper meeting today was bland and dull, cut short because he (my Latin teacher, who is also the newspaper club adviser) had to go pick up his son. I had spent most of my internship period making an agenda for the meeting today, only to end up not getting anything done.

As for my mentoring hours with the freelancer, I'll be going to Town Hall tomorrow night at seven. By then, I should have the seven hours that I needed before November 10th. Granted, I'm tired of just going to city events - I need to actually learn something from this for my end of the term project. I'll worry about that later I guess, no point fretting about it now.

I'm really glad I started writing again, though! I've got nice comments about Quality Control, and I've decided to get more involved with the dA lit community. After all, November is "Work on Pridea" month, and I'm going to need all the support I can get! Dreamwidth is nice, but I think I'll stick to dA for writing communities instead. Before, I had wanted to make a writing comm for others on Dreamwidth to join, but I don't think I will. I'm not much of a leader, anymore - but I sure as hell will support any original writing communities that spring up around here! And hell knows I'm always checking for new ones.
I've recently got my hands on a copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and I am having a blast! I've only played up to the first half of Maya's trial, but holy crap, figuring out how to spot the contradictions in witness testimonies makes me feel more of a badass then when I'm shooting the heads off of helpless villagers in Fable II. I only stopped to write this blog entry, really, so I'm heading back now - to defend Maya and get her out of that detention center!