09 December 2010 @ 08:15 pm
kiri sometimes mispells "right?" as "write?"  
The freelancer came over to my house today, so we could snap a photo together for senior project. He was super nice and everyone loved him, even my mom, who doesn't love anyone. The picture was... eh, it was okay. I mean, I hate taking pictures of myself anyway, so I guess okay, for me, is a good thing. Before he left, I gave him this card that I got for him and a gift card to Dunkin Donuts, since he's always drinking coffee... No seriously, he's always drinking coffee! All the time. He really liked the gift, it was so awesome to see him so happy! The freelancer was easily the best mentor anyone could've ever asked for, and without him... Well, where would I be? I'm determined to ace this senior project shit now. I'm gonna make the most bamf backboard, my research paper (that I still haven't started) is gonna be the best you've ever seen, and my speech is going to blow the judges away. Hell, frickin' yes! I am so pumped and I don't even know why! ... WHOOOOT.

Speaking of photos... I really want to get into photography! I was on deviantART the other day and I came across this amazing photo that really made me go, "Wow, that's beautiful!" I know there's no scenary as beautiful as that in Rhode Island... but I'd really love to give it a go! Can you take ridiculously cool photos with a simple digital camera like mine? It's just some really crappy brand, it's a Cybershoot I think... It's nothing amazing, but I really want to get into it! Granted, real pros don't use digitals, I don't think... I was reading this one article on photography where the photographer used film, obviously, and he had metal cabinets all around his house full of photos, files upon files... Photos are really something amazing - it's a form of art that I think anyone can be good at if you're willing to put some work into it!  Besides, I'm going to be a journalist, aren't I? (But are you?) I can use that as an excuse to start practicing taking pictures... Hehe...

To suddenly and dramatically change topics, I had a weird dream Sunday night and it's been bothering me all week.

In which Kiri rambles on about an interesting dream she had... )

Despite how strange the dream was, I'll have to put off thinking about it for later. I have to ace senior project first, then life can finally move along.

08 December 2010 @ 09:07 pm
the best way to waste time is by ruining your childhood  
So we were having an interesting discussion in Latin class today - okay, maybe not discussion, but my Latin teach tossed some interesting ideas at us.

I'm not sure how it all started really - someone asked him, "Have your kids seen Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?" Haha, he talks a lot about his kids, so its not as weird to ask about them as it might seem... Anyway, he said, "I'm not letting my kids watch that movie." We were all kind of shocked, except for me, because I don't really give a damn about children, and everyone was like, well, why not?!

"Well, what happens in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?" he asked. We were all kind of like, do you want us to summarize the whole movie for you? We all totally pulled a blank, me especially because to be honest I don't ever remember seeing that movie... (insert dramatic, shocked outbursts here) but according to my Dad, I totally did, but whatever. Anyway, he starts telling us how Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is not an innocent little Christmas story, but one with a TOTALLY DARK AGENDA and it's pretty interesting food for thought. Seriously!

So what does happen in this movie? Rudolph's born with a red nose and his parents are kind of shocked but they love him and raise him all the same. When it comes time for the Reindeer Games, they shove a piece of coal on Rudolph's nose so people don't make fun of him, and send him off to have a good time. It starts out fine at first - he makes friends with Firebolt and a little doe named Clarice is totally into him. When it comes time for the takeoff, Clarice calls Rudolph cute and he starts freakin' out. He's like, "I'm cute! I'm cute!" He goes to do the takeoff and totally aces it, and everyone's like, "Rudolph! YOU'RE THE MAN NOW DOG." And he starts freakin' out and being super happy, and then the coal falls off his nose! Everyone is totally freaked out, and everyone starts laughing and calling him names... I don't remember any of them, I remember someone calling him "rainbow puss" for some reason which could totally be an innuendo...

Anyway, THEN SANTA ARRIVES. We must remember that this is SANTA we're talking about. He's a paragon to little kids everyone, seen as a figure of good, righteousness, and lovableness. Santa is someone every kid loves and looks up to, right? Well, this so-called nice guys go up to Rudolph's dad and says, and I quote! "You should be ashamed! He had such a nice takeoff too..." ... Wait, what? Rudolph's dad should be ashamed for having a kid who's different? WHAT. Santa, how could you? He should be ashamed?!

Everyone at this point was like, "Well, that's irrelevant! Rudolph was accepted in the end, and everyone loved him, right?"

Well, why was he accepted? Because he was useful. He was useful to the big man Santa Claus, so now he's okay. It's totally acceptable to have him around now, because he had a service that proved useful to BIG MAN SANTA. Otherwise, would Santa have given a shit? Hell no! Go sleep with the abominable snowman, he doesn't need you. If Rudolph had been born with some other defect that couldn't help him, like blue feet or a green tail, do you think Santa would've cared? Nope. We sing and praise Rudolph because he's what all those who are different should be: useful. And if you're not useful, GTFO.

Everyone's childhoods: SHATTERED.

In other news, here's the status on my senior project...

I got a lot of shit to do on the weekend...

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02 December 2010 @ 10:34 pm
kiri still has too much shit to do and still wants to sleep  
We had a crazy power outage yesterday, it shut off all the power in our house around 8:00 PM, and we didn't have it again until... Well, I don't know when it came back on, 'cause I decided to just go to bed when the power shut off. It was crazy ridiculous man, but to be honest, it's not like I had anything important to do. I probably would've just goofed off on the Internet like I always do, doing absolutely nothing. It's not like I don't have anything better to do, really! I need to get working on my research paper, which I'll do this weekend, I guess... I need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with my backboard, but I'll do that the weekend after this one, I guess... I can't work on my backboard without knowing what the hell's gonna be in my research paper, I swear I'm not just stalling! (Okay, it's a little bit of me just stalling, but I really think if I wait 'til the weekend, it'll turn out much better, honest!)

Today, my guidance counselor called me in the office to talk about my plans for college and all that. Honestly, this is the one thing I don't want to talk about - and don't you have better things to do with your time than grill me about college applications? I told her that I don't know what I'm doing - that either I'll apply to CCRI for two years and then transfer to URI for the last two years of my journalism major, or just go to URI all the way. In all honesty, that's a lie, I really don't know if I want to do journalism or not. A part of me thinks that its okay to just wait a year, sort out your life, and then apply if you know that's what's really right for me, but the pressure is on from all sides of the fire. Mom, Dad, my intern teach, my guidance counselors, they all expect sort epic shit to come from me and I really don't know what to make of it. Oh, and they said that I have grades that say I should be in National Honor Society... but to be honesty, National Honor Society isn't all that important to me. Why couldn't they have told me this in junior year? I mean, I've only got my first quarter grades out now - why did they wait so late?

(It's because you're from Tolman, the drop out factory, they assumed you were stupid.)

Yeah, but my junior year grades definitely proved that I wasn't. It's just annoying because they told me this now when senior project deadlines are coming at me from all directions and everyone's putting fire under my ass for me to get everything turned in by the deadly and almighty DECEMBER 15th. Everybody, FEAR THE ALMIGHTY DECEMBER 15th! Okay, but seriously - to get in, you need 15 hours of community service (check), you need to write a general essay about your personality (would that really be so hard), and get a teacher to write a letter of recommendation for you to get in, but I can't use my intern teach 'cause he's on the NHS board.

Okay, that's a little hard. I would ask my current English teacher, but I don't like him 'cause he's this airhead who doesn't teach and just talks about ghost stories all day and when it comes time to write, I dunno, RESEARCH PAPERS, he kind of just leaves us to our own devices. It's been two years since I've written a research paper and it'd be nice if I could get some instruction on how he wants this piece of shit set up, but no. Hey, I like ghost stories dude. I love creepypasta and I love getting a good scare everyone once and a while, sure, and paranormal stories are bamf, but this is English class, dude! And we need to have an essay in by the 15th, an essay you haven't told us how you want it to be started, how to structure it, where you want the thesis statement (some teachers like it at the beginning - like my Freshie English teach - while others want it on the end - like my Soph English teach). Some clarification would be nice!

Somehow, I will get all this shit done, and I will definitely get it done before Christmas break and have a very merry Christmas indeed! I haven't been able to get in the holiday spirit because of this shit. I wanted to make a homemade advent calendar this year, haha, but fuck that. Next year I'll probably have a job and I'll be able to buy materials to actually make a decent lookin' one instead, though.

When I sat down to blog today, I had no idea what I was going to write, I didn't even feel like writing in the first place, but then I came across this quote on a blog about blogging and felt inspired a little:

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30 November 2010 @ 10:44 am
kiri has too much to do and all she wants to do is sleep  
I'm at school yet again, blogging from the library's computer lab. Don't ask me why we're here, my math teach thought it'd be a good idea to give us this assignment where we'd need to use the computers to imput these really ridiculous problems into this math gizmo thing... Yeah, don't ask.

I talked to the freelancer last night, and he wants me to write one more article. Once that's done, I'll have six hours under my belt, and I'll be done with 3/4 of my senior project. I've been really nervous about writing it, for some reason. Apparently, he wants me to interview a teacher here, one I've never even heard of, and do a quick article about her earning National Certification or whatever. Dude, I don't even know what National Certification is, nor do I really care, nor do I know who this teacher is. I really don't want to write it, but I'm not going to complain, because he was nice enough to give it to me, in order to get all my hours done. I should be grateful, really!

But I have so much to do already! I have to start outlining my research paper that I haven't even worked on, nor do I have all the five sources I need to write it, I need to start thinking about how in the hell I'm going to decorate my backboard (why do I need a backboard to give a speech anyway? it shouldn't be necessary, nor a vital part of my grade...) and I still have to organize my Senior Project binder, so when the judges see it, they don't think I'm a total slob.

Blah. Writing the article shouldn't be too hard. I've got my old recorder to work, so I'll use that to record the audio, so I won't have to worry too much about taking copious notes. I'll think of really good questions to ask that teacher when I get home, and then tomorrow, ask her the frickin questions and just get it over with.

The thing is... I don't mind writing articles in general. When I have a fun topic, it can be really interesting! Blah, but I just don't give a damn about Nation Certification or anything like that, and I have so much else to do, but, I'll just get 'er done. I'm not sure why I didn't say no. Why didn't I say no?! Why is it that when I feel indebted to people, I find it so hard to so no? Why does he need me to write another article anyway, why can't he just sign off that I did three hours or something, gahhh...

(Kiri, you shouldn't be whining! It takes like twenty minutes for you to write a goddamn article and you're good at it too, so shuddap!)

Fine, fine...
I also need my transcript, but I'll get that tomorrow. I have no idea how to go about getting it so yeah, that can wait.

My mom wants me to get the flu shot - I lied and told her that we're getting the flu shot at school, when really they've already had it here, I just chose not to go. I haven't had the H1N1 flu shot since it came out a year ago and I don't plan on getting it now. I'll just scheme up a marvelous lie like the magnificent bastard I am.

Kiri is a horrible person, I know! I know!
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29 November 2010 @ 12:27 pm
everything must go, all due dates are go  
Lately, I've been really horrible with blogging daily. Yeah, I know, I've been bad, it's just, I've been feeling like crap, lately.

In which Kiri rants about senior project and stupid people in her class... )
I can't wait to get out of Rhode Island... There's no way in hell I'm staying here for the rest of my days, hell no. I don't know where I'll go - just far away from here. Somewhere cold where it's not very hot, not ever, and someone where the economy isn't total shit (good luck with that, Kiri) and somewhere where... I don't know, somewhere better than phony Rhody, someone better! (Haha, I feel like I should break into a Disney song right now...)

Today I overheard someone talking about a full scholarship they got to Johnson and Wales, bragging that they could basically go to college for free. Why can't I get a full scholarship somewhere? Why do I have to worry about fianancial aid and Pell Grants and community college and transferring over to URI and blah, blah, blah... Why do I even have to worry about college at all? I'm tired of it. I just wish I could find somewhere to work and then work and then be done with it. That's what I want to do, anyway - that's the only way I'll be free of here, but I know it won't happen (will it happen?) Gah, I don't know anymore.

I've got too much shit to do:

1. Call freelancer. I need six more hours. Ask him also about signing the community service slip.
2. Look into applying to CCRI. Calculate total cost it'll take to take two years there and two years at URI.
3. Do I need a letter of recommendation for CCRI? I don't think I will, but if you do, tell your intern teach the truth.
4. Take notes for research paper, outline research paper, get five sources for research paper, work to finish it.
5. Start thinking about what you're going to put on your backboard for your senior project. Finish up SP speech.

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16 November 2010 @ 08:09 pm
your name in print on the third page of the post  
Okay, I'm really bad at blogging every day. I missed blogging yesterday, and I was online yesterday too, I just... didn't feel like blogging. Blargh.

But, here's some good news - my article finally got printed in the East Providence Post
(Yes, I'm disclosing where I live to the entire Internets, oh noes!)

What article, you ask? The article I was stressing out writing for weeks on Marc Dorcean, the Haitian musician who came to my school to do a concert for Haiti relief. It made third page too, which was excellent - I was scared that they'd push it to the back if they were going to print it at all... And it got a mention on the front page! If my scanner worked I'd definitely scan it in (it'd be a good picture to put in a DW scrapbook, if we ever get one), but alas, all I have to give is my word. I have to admit, seeing my name in print really is a lot more exciting than I thought it'd be. My Latin teacher was showing off the article to everyone in Latin class today and I didn't really know what to make of it, really.

However, there was one person in my class who kind of scoffed and was like,
"Just an article in the newspaper? Is that good enough for your senior project?"

... Seriously? Have you ever tried writing a goddamn article for the newspaper? Like, I'm talking actual news - not your Perez Hilton-esque blog that you might think is actual news, no, the newspaper, that gets printed and posted for the masses (like you) to read, for free? (The Post is free anyway, I know not every paper is.) It's not easy, not at all! Interviewing someone is nerve wracking and if you don't take proper notes, you won't get the quotes you need. You can't just make up shit like you would if you're writing a story - every fact you write needs to be factual, you can never add in your own opinion. And it needs to be long enough to cover everything that happens, but short enough to keep the attention span of the masses. However, if it's too short, they'll plaster ads all over your article's page and it'll look shitty as hell.

So, yes, I think it's good enough for my senior project, thank you very much.

Either way, with this article done, that's 2/4 of my senior project complete. I'm chuggin' along at a good rate, I'd say!

Also, I'm in a dilemma! A crisis, I'd say! ...I don't know what to put on my Christmas list!
... No seriously, this is a huge problem.

Here's the deal. I know for sure I'm getting Final Fantasy XIII and Assassin's Creed 2 (yeah, yeah, I know, old games, old news, leave me alone; I'm poor, I say!). But, thing is, I really really want to get Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days. (Or KH: a shitload of days, as I call it, because really, what's up with that title? I'm sure there's probably something symbolic about it that I have to play the game to understand, knowing Nomura. Or, he just thought the numbers sounded pretty.)

Yeah, I know - they're both relatively aged, especially Days, but I've kind of been pushing KH aside for other games. Blasphemous, I know! But I really want to get back into KH games, I mean, KH was the first fandom I ever got into and went crazy about! KH is how I made most of my friends, especially the ones still with me today! ... The problem is that I know nothing about these games, not even plot wise. I've somehow stayed away from all spoilers so I have no real want to pick it up. But if I spoil myself... I don't know how I'll feel about them after! It's truly a dilemma! I'm a broke, poor gamer, so I have to really scrutinize what I pick up...

I also want Fable III, and that's already like, sixty frickin' dollars! Ugh, why can't I get a job, whyy...

Oh, and I'm definitely getting Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Yeah, I know, I mentioned I was playing that the other day, but the truth is that I just downloaded the ROM and used an emulator to play it. But when I got to the last case, well, they started implementing the touch screen, and my emulator, or no emulator that I've tried, could handle it. So, I definitely have to snag that too. And while we're at it, Bioshock is a really old game that I want to play too, it must be only fifteen dollars or so by now...

Argh, it sucks being a broke gamer!
If there's ever been an appropriate time to throw a temper tantrum, now would be the time.
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10 November 2010 @ 11:05 am
to accept your fate is not weak, just realistic  
Ugh, I'm missing a lot of blogging todays! If I had really participated in NaNoBloPo, I definitely would have failed, epically. Can you do it every month? I kind of wanted to try doing it in December... but I doubt I'd do that, either.

I mean, it'd be December, and while I don't really have much of a life, I'll be way too busy playing Fable III to blog! And Final Fantasy XIII. And I kind of want to buy Bioshock too, while i'm at it, and then that's it! Or maybe Assassin's Creed 2? Uggh, I don't know - I have one more spot to fill up on my X-Mas list and I'm not really sure what to put there. Maybe when I get more time at home I'll make a list of sorts? (Oh god, that'll be fun, listing every game I've ever wanted that is dirt cheap right now... Believe me, there are a lot!

Last night I didn't blog because I had to stay up late writing journal entries for my senior project mentor hours. I should probably mention that I'm updating in my senior project class again. Yeah, I don't plan on making a habit of this, it's just really easier this way! Plus, I'm bored, so why not? So far I've got nine hours out of the fifteen that I need, which is pretty sweet, really. Just six more hours to go! To be honest, I'm going to really miss working with the freelancer - he's a really nice guy, actually! He told me that I shouldn't worry - applying to CCRI, spending your freshie and soph years there and then transferring to URI is the cheapest and easiest way to do things. I'm not going to worry about that anymore - I'm just going to get my letters of recommendation from my Latin teach and my guidance counselors and then apply to CCRI. I can use freshie and soph years to learn how to drive and get a driver's license, and get a job to save up to pay for books, school supplies, etc. I'm going to apply to all the scholarships I can for some cash to pay of classes, and see where things go from there.

The future is not ideal. If I had a choice, I'd much rather be a lazy author that stays at home and worries about book deadlines rather than article deadlines, but life is not rainbows and sugar and unicorns. Why do I keep insisting on dissenting and resisting when I don't have any other plan for the future to run to? This is the best choice, I know it is. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy politics. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like sitting in a city council meeting and taking notes on the mayor's loosing speech as people boo him from the crowd and call him all sorts of names - then go home and sit in front of the computer and work on writing the article that everyone'll see. I am a journalist. I am a journalist.

BUT I am also a writer, and holy shit have I been procrastinating on a ton of crap! I'm supposed to be writing my Always Motivated piece for 'cookie' that I think I blogged about on Monday, and I'm also working on a Pridea rewrite/excerpt, where Selena takes Chex to meet 'the face of the government' for the first time. Too much, too much to do!
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08 November 2010 @ 11:06 am
what good is the majority rule?  
Posting from the school computers again, in my senior project class. It's the same old drivel, every other day, really. Even with my article on Marc Dorcean done, the senior project head took great care in reminding me that when it's edited, it must be edited with me present, so it can count for senior project hours. Yeah, yeah, lady, whatever, get off my case. I've got the most done of my senior project than anyone else in the goddamn class, so don't even talk to me about what I need to do and what I don't need to go. Go help the kids who don't have a clue what they're doing, so we can all graduate as one big, happy family at the end of the year!

I can't get to deviantART on my school computers! Argh, something about "explicit art." God, I don't want to go there to look at goddamn "artistic nudes", I just want to check my messages... Man, I've been addicted to deviantART lately, and I don't even really do anything around there. But, like I stated yesterday, me joining Always Motivated has really pumped me up to start writing more often. (How many times have I said this before...) This week's prompt is "cookie" and at first I was like, "Well, what the hell am I going to do with 'cookie...'?" But I have an idea! It's going to be brilliant, you'll see. And I know, I've a lot to work on - the Bingo card, especially, but I'll get it all done, don't worry! Watch me meet my deadlines with ease; you'll all wonder, "Gee, how does Kiri do it all?!"

And this isn't really relevant to anything, but a premium Dreamwidth account for a year costs $50, whereas a premium deviantART account for one year costs $30! What the hell's up with that? I guess because DW is totally brand new; I don't blame them, really. That's why I love DW after all! I've decided that I really am going to start a community here after senior project's over (some time late January) and help this place grow a little, and meet up with more writers! Writers who don't just write fanfiction... There's a lot of fanfiction/fandom in general here on DW and that's cool and all, but I want to connect with writers who don't solely rely on another universe for writing. Dabbling in fanfiction is good, I think, but my community would be solely for original writers. It's going to be so awesome; I'm really excited for it!

I've found an easy way to use Paypal to pay for things! It's this interesting thing called MoneyPak. Basically, it's a green card that you can buy at most stores. The card costs however much you want to put into your Paypal account. So if I wanted to buy a dA account for $30, I'd buy a MoneyPak and give the clerk $30. Then, at the MoneyPak site, put in your MoneyPak code, link it to PayPal, and bam, there you go! Then you use PayPal to pay for your Premium account! Pretty badass idea, really. Still, there are two problems. One: the closest place that sells MoneyPak is the Walgreens on Warren Ave. That'd be great driving distance if I owned a car, but there's no way for me to go there after school without Mom wondering where the hell I've been. I could just ask them to buy me a MoneyPak, but that'd raise too much questions... And two: I need to be eighteen to use it anyway. So maybe I should just wait 'till I turn eighteen, get a bank account, and link it to PayPal. I wonder if that's even safe to do...? Bah, I don't know. All I know is that I can't use a credit card since Dad'll never allow it and I can't get my own credit card until I start working. Graaaaah.

So far, it's been an interesting day. In English today, we had to team up in groups and choose whether or not Bigfoot exists based on articles he had given us and choose a stance: does Bigfoot exist, or doesn't it? For ... the lulz, I guess, I joined the "Bigfoot Exists" group, mainly because I wanted to see how people would argue against his existence. I'm not some big paranormal nerd, but I am someone who gives a shit about whether your argument is valid or not. You would think if people were given a little task like, "prove Bigfoot doesn't exist" that they'd be able to do a good job, but my class is full of retards. As you know, one of my biggest hobbies is refuting your lame arguments, but because I was standing up for such a controversial topic, and the Bigfoot Exists group was highly outnumbered, we lost the case. It wouldn't piss me off so much if their arguments weren't so poorly developed. They brought up the stupidest shit like, "Witness testimonies seem to be largely exaggerated..." And when I asked for proof of this, they wouldn't give it. (Ever heard of citing the text?) I'm not really mad that I lost the case because I'm such huge paranormal buff, I'm just mad that most of the class can present a faulty case, and even when I point out the inconsistencies, my voice can still be denied. Majority rule isn't a very good way to settle things at all. And anyway, in the court of law, a decision must be unanimous! Despite all of this, I don't feel very reassured.

School is going by fast! I've got almost a whole hour left of this class. What'll I do with all this free time?
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