08 December 2010 @ 09:07 pm
the best way to waste time is by ruining your childhood  
So we were having an interesting discussion in Latin class today - okay, maybe not discussion, but my Latin teach tossed some interesting ideas at us.

I'm not sure how it all started really - someone asked him, "Have your kids seen Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?" Haha, he talks a lot about his kids, so its not as weird to ask about them as it might seem... Anyway, he said, "I'm not letting my kids watch that movie." We were all kind of shocked, except for me, because I don't really give a damn about children, and everyone was like, well, why not?!

"Well, what happens in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?" he asked. We were all kind of like, do you want us to summarize the whole movie for you? We all totally pulled a blank, me especially because to be honest I don't ever remember seeing that movie... (insert dramatic, shocked outbursts here) but according to my Dad, I totally did, but whatever. Anyway, he starts telling us how Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is not an innocent little Christmas story, but one with a TOTALLY DARK AGENDA and it's pretty interesting food for thought. Seriously!

So what does happen in this movie? Rudolph's born with a red nose and his parents are kind of shocked but they love him and raise him all the same. When it comes time for the Reindeer Games, they shove a piece of coal on Rudolph's nose so people don't make fun of him, and send him off to have a good time. It starts out fine at first - he makes friends with Firebolt and a little doe named Clarice is totally into him. When it comes time for the takeoff, Clarice calls Rudolph cute and he starts freakin' out. He's like, "I'm cute! I'm cute!" He goes to do the takeoff and totally aces it, and everyone's like, "Rudolph! YOU'RE THE MAN NOW DOG." And he starts freakin' out and being super happy, and then the coal falls off his nose! Everyone is totally freaked out, and everyone starts laughing and calling him names... I don't remember any of them, I remember someone calling him "rainbow puss" for some reason which could totally be an innuendo...

Anyway, THEN SANTA ARRIVES. We must remember that this is SANTA we're talking about. He's a paragon to little kids everyone, seen as a figure of good, righteousness, and lovableness. Santa is someone every kid loves and looks up to, right? Well, this so-called nice guys go up to Rudolph's dad and says, and I quote! "You should be ashamed! He had such a nice takeoff too..." ... Wait, what? Rudolph's dad should be ashamed for having a kid who's different? WHAT. Santa, how could you? He should be ashamed?!

Everyone at this point was like, "Well, that's irrelevant! Rudolph was accepted in the end, and everyone loved him, right?"

Well, why was he accepted? Because he was useful. He was useful to the big man Santa Claus, so now he's okay. It's totally acceptable to have him around now, because he had a service that proved useful to BIG MAN SANTA. Otherwise, would Santa have given a shit? Hell no! Go sleep with the abominable snowman, he doesn't need you. If Rudolph had been born with some other defect that couldn't help him, like blue feet or a green tail, do you think Santa would've cared? Nope. We sing and praise Rudolph because he's what all those who are different should be: useful. And if you're not useful, GTFO.

Everyone's childhoods: SHATTERED.

In other news, here's the status on my senior project...

I got a lot of shit to do on the weekend...

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27 November 2010 @ 01:16 pm
fuck you guard armor, you ruined my childhood  
Alright! So I know for sure that I'm definitely getting Final Fantasy XIII and Fable III for Christmas! In fact, I know for a fact that Dad snagged it yesterday - mainly because I begged and pleaded for him to, haha. There was a sale at Gamestop yesterday (it was Black Friday and all, of course) where Final Fantasy XIII was 50% off (making it $20 instead of the usual $40) and Fable III was $20 dollars off (making it $40 instead of $60!). So yeah, it was a steal of a deal! Hah! Now I just hope that I'll get Birth by Sleep and Days - then Christmas will be amazing!

(Kiri, you're so cold-hearted, there's more to Christmas besides presents!)
I know, I know, but I'm a broke gamer, don't judge me!
This is the only time besides my birthday where I get to have new video games!

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, I wonder if I'm alone in this, but... whenever I hear the trademark Song 'ping' at the end of all their commercials now, I immediately think of Kingdom Hearts. It's because, in the commercials for the second game, they used that same sound at the beginning of the commercial - I believe it was the original sound for Square Enix... or something. It's probably just me, but that's something that's been bugging me a lot lately! Just to check if it was true, I went and rewatched the KH II commercial on YouTube, and yeah, it's the same sound! But damn, watching that commercial brings back fond memories... I remember all the KH II news was talked about all over Disney Channel (pre-Hannah Montana, when it was actually good?) and I squealed like a pathetic fangirl when I heard Jesse McCartney was going to be Roxas's voice, because I was such a big fan of him when I was younger! Ah, how old was I? I wish I knew! Maybe fourteen or so? Not sure. Ah, the memories...

In which Kiri talks way too much about her KH memories... )

But I'm excited to finally get my hands on Birth by Sleep and Days! I want to know what Xion's deal is - who the hell is she, why does she get to number XIV, and what happens to her, anyway? I want to know the backstory behind Ven and Aqua and Terra - why does Ven look so much like Roxas, what does "Birth by Sleep" mean anyway, and why does Vanitas look like... (Fuck, I thought I forgot about that spoiler! Get out of head, get out of my head right now!)

Seriously though, I can't wait! In the meantime, have some nostalgia...
In which Kiri posts some old, nostalgic KH commercials... )
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