26 October 2010 @ 07:35 pm
time to go shopping for new excuses  
English is the one subject I look forward to the most in school (well, I'm pretty fond of African American history too, and Latin is pretty great as well, now that I think about it) but today, that period was rudely interrupted, since the seniors were all called down to go to the college fair down in the gym that period. Man, I was really ticked! I already know exactly what I'm going to do for college - I'm going to apply to URI and take journalism, and write for newspapers, and hopefully one day work in a publishing house for books, and eventually get my own novel published, and see where life takes me from there. I have my life all planned out. It's not perfect or anything, but I'll have a job with something I at least find semi-interesting, I suppose. It's more than most people do for themselves. I should be glad.

Besides, there weren't any interesting colleges there, just the same old shit that everyone already knows about. You can't even imagine how frustrated I was - I could've been in English reading Beowulf, when instead, I had to drag my heels around some stupid college fair. It was pretty boring, especially since I had no one to really tag along with. Not that I'm the sort of person who needs other people to be around, but being in a big, empty gym with absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to sit, and my books and notebooks up in the classroom can really make a person bored out of their wits. It was a lot more fun when I found Nimh; she doesn't know what she's doing for college yet, so I followed her around and we make stupid jokes about the different colleges together. At the end of the fair, she decided that Johnson and Wales was her dream school, and I hope she gets in - 'cause at least they don't look at SAT test scores. URI does.

And SAT test scores wouldn't even be much of a problem for me if I wasn't so inadequate at math. My reading scores and writing scores are way above average, but my math score brings everything down. And it sucks, 'cause most colleges look at each individual score for each section separately, instead of just looking at the score as a whole. My new SAT scores from the SAT I took back on October 9th come out on the 28th (two days from now!) and I'm hoping and praying that my math score is at least a 550. Is that so much to ask? I don't think it's a hard thing to ask... I know I probably don't deserve it, but all I want is a good SAT math score. Then, so much of my problems would be solved!

At the college fair, we passed by a booth for the Navy, and it wasn't until after the fair was over that I thought seriously about joining the navy. Haha, someone like me, becoming one of America's dogs - just the thought of it, isn't that so unlike me? But wouldn't it be interesting, to travel and see the world on a boat? To work as a journalist on the boat, and have the Navy pay for 100% of my college tuition? To come out as a changed, disciplined, humble person? For a while today, I thought seriously hard about it. It'd be tough - I'm not in the greatest physical condition (I haven't been exercising... I know it's part of my quadruple daily dares, but I just keep putting it off!) but if it was to join the Navy and go on a grand adventure overseas, I could get myself into shape! I jokingly asked my mom what she thought of me joining, and she just kind of laughed. I know I should probably get it out of my head, but meh... I just want to be as free as possible, I want to see the world, and I want to go on grand adventures, I don't want to just mold into the crowd. I don't know.

Interning with my Latin teacher turned out okay today. He didn't really press about the Way to Go RI script, and I worked mainly on getting the Townie Newspaper website online. The newspaper meeting today was bland and dull, cut short because he (my Latin teacher, who is also the newspaper club adviser) had to go pick up his son. I had spent most of my internship period making an agenda for the meeting today, only to end up not getting anything done.

As for my mentoring hours with the freelancer, I'll be going to Town Hall tomorrow night at seven. By then, I should have the seven hours that I needed before November 10th. Granted, I'm tired of just going to city events - I need to actually learn something from this for my end of the term project. I'll worry about that later I guess, no point fretting about it now.

I'm really glad I started writing again, though! I've got nice comments about Quality Control, and I've decided to get more involved with the dA lit community. After all, November is "Work on Pridea" month, and I'm going to need all the support I can get! Dreamwidth is nice, but I think I'll stick to dA for writing communities instead. Before, I had wanted to make a writing comm for others on Dreamwidth to join, but I don't think I will. I'm not much of a leader, anymore - but I sure as hell will support any original writing communities that spring up around here! And hell knows I'm always checking for new ones.
I've recently got my hands on a copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and I am having a blast! I've only played up to the first half of Maya's trial, but holy crap, figuring out how to spot the contradictions in witness testimonies makes me feel more of a badass then when I'm shooting the heads off of helpless villagers in Fable II. I only stopped to write this blog entry, really, so I'm heading back now - to defend Maya and get her out of that detention center!
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