16 November 2010 @ 08:09 pm
your name in print on the third page of the post  
Okay, I'm really bad at blogging every day. I missed blogging yesterday, and I was online yesterday too, I just... didn't feel like blogging. Blargh.

But, here's some good news - my article finally got printed in the East Providence Post
(Yes, I'm disclosing where I live to the entire Internets, oh noes!)

What article, you ask? The article I was stressing out writing for weeks on Marc Dorcean, the Haitian musician who came to my school to do a concert for Haiti relief. It made third page too, which was excellent - I was scared that they'd push it to the back if they were going to print it at all... And it got a mention on the front page! If my scanner worked I'd definitely scan it in (it'd be a good picture to put in a DW scrapbook, if we ever get one), but alas, all I have to give is my word. I have to admit, seeing my name in print really is a lot more exciting than I thought it'd be. My Latin teacher was showing off the article to everyone in Latin class today and I didn't really know what to make of it, really.

However, there was one person in my class who kind of scoffed and was like,
"Just an article in the newspaper? Is that good enough for your senior project?"

... Seriously? Have you ever tried writing a goddamn article for the newspaper? Like, I'm talking actual news - not your Perez Hilton-esque blog that you might think is actual news, no, the newspaper, that gets printed and posted for the masses (like you) to read, for free? (The Post is free anyway, I know not every paper is.) It's not easy, not at all! Interviewing someone is nerve wracking and if you don't take proper notes, you won't get the quotes you need. You can't just make up shit like you would if you're writing a story - every fact you write needs to be factual, you can never add in your own opinion. And it needs to be long enough to cover everything that happens, but short enough to keep the attention span of the masses. However, if it's too short, they'll plaster ads all over your article's page and it'll look shitty as hell.

So, yes, I think it's good enough for my senior project, thank you very much.

Either way, with this article done, that's 2/4 of my senior project complete. I'm chuggin' along at a good rate, I'd say!

Also, I'm in a dilemma! A crisis, I'd say! ...I don't know what to put on my Christmas list!
... No seriously, this is a huge problem.

Here's the deal. I know for sure I'm getting Final Fantasy XIII and Assassin's Creed 2 (yeah, yeah, I know, old games, old news, leave me alone; I'm poor, I say!). But, thing is, I really really want to get Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days. (Or KH: a shitload of days, as I call it, because really, what's up with that title? I'm sure there's probably something symbolic about it that I have to play the game to understand, knowing Nomura. Or, he just thought the numbers sounded pretty.)

Yeah, I know - they're both relatively aged, especially Days, but I've kind of been pushing KH aside for other games. Blasphemous, I know! But I really want to get back into KH games, I mean, KH was the first fandom I ever got into and went crazy about! KH is how I made most of my friends, especially the ones still with me today! ... The problem is that I know nothing about these games, not even plot wise. I've somehow stayed away from all spoilers so I have no real want to pick it up. But if I spoil myself... I don't know how I'll feel about them after! It's truly a dilemma! I'm a broke, poor gamer, so I have to really scrutinize what I pick up...

I also want Fable III, and that's already like, sixty frickin' dollars! Ugh, why can't I get a job, whyy...

Oh, and I'm definitely getting Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Yeah, I know, I mentioned I was playing that the other day, but the truth is that I just downloaded the ROM and used an emulator to play it. But when I got to the last case, well, they started implementing the touch screen, and my emulator, or no emulator that I've tried, could handle it. So, I definitely have to snag that too. And while we're at it, Bioshock is a really old game that I want to play too, it must be only fifteen dollars or so by now...

Argh, it sucks being a broke gamer!
If there's ever been an appropriate time to throw a temper tantrum, now would be the time.
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