28 February 2011 @ 08:56 pm
... (Kiri, you're so late. You're so late it's not even funny.)

OKAY SO I've recently been playing Oblivion (it was a semi-birthday present - "We're at the mall now anyway, so while we buy the TV you can go shop around if you want. -  and one of the infuriating reasons why the rentals aren't getting me Dragon Age 2 until Christmas, yay...) and HOLY SHIT where has this game been all my life. Admittedly, I didn't think I would like it - hell I heard of it but I hadn't really, you know, been INFORMED about the SHEER LEVELS OF BADASSERY that this game has. Holy shit. It is by far the best RPG I have ever played in my life ever. SERIOUSLY, where has it been all my life?! I'm currently playing as a Redguard rogue and roleplaying through a character in a video game has never been so much fucking fun. I was never really able to get behind my character in Dragon Age / Mass Effect, they were just an avatar I used to play the game - but in Oblivion, I really feel like I am Demeter Larke (my character), and playing as her is ridiculously epic. Never in my life has a game been so much fuckin' fun. Seriously. I know Oblivion is the only Bethseda game I've ever played, but now I'm stoked for Skyrim and I really wanna find a copy of Fallout 3 and later Fallout: New Vegas because CHRIST these people are awesome at making immersive games. I prolly should mention that this is the first game I've ever played in first person (no, combat in Mass Effect doesn't count) so maybe that's part of the reason? But I want more from Bethseda. MOAR I SAY. Seriously, this is just... the best game ever. EVER.

SPEAKING OF AWESOME GAMES I'm also playing Baldur's Gate! Have not made much progress though. I started out playing a bard but I'm not really digging the spells bards get anyway, so I was gonna switch to a warrior but that's so fucken boring man, so now I'm not really sure what I'm doing and gaaaaargh! [personal profile] razzberree told me that this is seriously the best game she's ever played so I wanna do my first runthrough with a badass character BUT I keep switching and it's really fucken annoying that I can't just pick one...! I'm prolly gonna go back to my Bard - I got moderately far (psssh, not really) on that save slot so yeah, I'll just deal with it.

While we're on the topic of Bioware HOLY SHIT have you SEEN the DA2 characters? The Fenris from that game reminds me of my own beloved character Fenrisulfr Rotht. They both have that white hair, tortured mage thing going on, yeah? FFFFF, definitely romancing him first! I feel kind of left out though - like, a lot of those characters in DA2 are from Awakenings and hell if I played Awakenings, but I'm pretty sure you don't need to play Awakenings to get the story... hopefully...!

Oh, you know that writer's blog that I started? Well, that I said I was gonna start? Yeah, I made it, but I'm not sure what to post.

Like, I could talk about how I had to retcon everyone's ages in part one because ten year olds talking politics makes no fucken sense (they're thirteen now, and their confusion about the government, racism, and elitism makes a lot more sense coming from frustrated teens than innocent ten year old kids). I mean, Prideans are supposed to have above average intelligence so that's why I made them ten, but...

What the hell, why is it easy to talk about this now than in my other blog? Less pressure, I suppose? I guess I'll go try making a post again... And no, I'm not posting the link up to that blog here, not until I actually get a post up! It's literally got nothing in it now...

In Summary! OBLIVION is fucken awesome, Kiri does want Fallout 3, Kiri needs to play MOAR Baldur's Gate and actually post crap on her writing blog! DO IT NOWS.

07 November 2010 @ 09:05 pm
nutrigrain bars are one hell of a drug  
I have two things to confess today.

1. I am addicted to cereal bars!

No seriously, it's true, I really am! It all started when I decided I should probably start watching what I eat... I know a while back I said, "Okay, every day I'm going to read, write, blog, and exercise..." but I really haven't been doing that, to be honest! There isn't a day that goes by where I think, "Okay, maybe I'll get on the treadmill today..." and I never do. Never. So I've been trying to watch what I eat instead. Whenever Dad went out grocery shopping, he'd ask what I'd want to snack on, and, not able to think of any other healthy snack, I told him I wanted cereal bars. ... Now I can't stop eating them! On weekends I eat like four a day (but to be fair I only eat two square meals on weekends because I wake up around twelve... I'm not sure how this helps) and I eat one or two on weekdays. That means I eat around eighteen cereal bars per week! If each Nutrigrain bar is around 120 calories, and if I eat around eighteen cereal bars per week, I consume around 2,160 calories just from cereal bars alone during the week! ... That can't be good for you, can it? I'm typing this while eating a cereal bar, too... (It's strawberry flavor, my weakness...)

I am a connoisseur of cereal bars! Apple cinnamon, strawberry, blueberry... the kind with mixed berries, or even the kind with yogurt, or the kind with icing on top... I'll eat them all! God, this is not good, I've never loved a snack as much as I love cereal bars. My mind keeps telling me that because they're supposedly healthy, it's totally okay for me to munch them down! On every Nutrigrain bar is this little yellow box that says, "MORE of the WHOLE GRAINS your body needs!" and another box that says, "GOOD SOURCE OF FIBER" as if it's trying to assure me that yes, go ahead, munch away on them, you fat whale! Ehhh, I need to find a way to limit the bars to just one a day. Just one! Do you think there's a such thing as Cereal Bars Anonymous?

Hello, my name is Kiri, and I'm addicted to cereal bars...

2. I can't stand most poetry.

It is everywhere on deviantART. This isn't really a problem in the Dreamwidth writing community, but it's a huge issue for me on DeviantArt. I'm a member of around ten or so writing groups on dA and maybe 85% of the crap submitted to groups (even so called "elite" groups like The Written Revolution and Scribblers Anonymous) are loaded with crappy poetry! Does no one write prose anymore?

And that's another thing - if you find writers on devART, writers who write prose, they'll write short snippets of "musings" that seem like excerpts from their emo diary. No one wants to hear you whine (says the Kiri who just whined in her blog yesterday about her parents) and if you do have to vent, take it to a goddamn journal, go talk to your friends, I'm tired of reading poetry and "prose" on devART that goes like "And I cut myself / and my arms bled / like a crimson river / lonely and red." Screw you and screw your unoriginal bullshit.

I am actually pretty good friends with poets on devART and kudos to them, but really, I'm going to just stop subscribing to groups and search for prose through group folders. I love commenting on people's work and making new writer friends, but I can't stand poetry. I can't do it. Most poetry I've read is so unoriginal, and it's not like I can claim to understand how to write good poetry - but I know what sounds good and what sounds like shit. And most deviant poets are shit.

Okay, glad I got that off my chest!

But that's just the majority, I'm sure there are other brilliant writers out there (that I've yet to discover...)

And even though dA annoys me sometimes, I would totally pay for a premium account...!

In which Kiri rambles like a goofball about her fruitless plans to get a premium dA account )

I'm still debating on starting that community on DW I was musing about back in late October, and I find that I still really want to do it. I'll be honest, DW's a quiet little place, but it's not gonna grow unless people chip in to help! Maybe that's what I love so much about this place, the fact that your voice can really speak volumes if you let it! Hah, and back in the beginning of October, I was worried whether or not this blog would ever feel like my home. It does, it feels a lot more homey back then my blog back at LJ ever did. Maybe it's because I make an effort to post here daily (although that doesn't always work) whether I have good news or bad? Who knows. Anyway, I can't make any communities until senior project's over, so that project's being put on hold...

Speaking of senior project, I finally finished writing my Marc Dorcean article today! I emailed it to the freelancer and he told me that it was an excellent piece of writing, which made me glee! Hah, this weekend may have been rocky as all hell, but some good things have come out of it!

I should really type something now, but I feel so sleepy and lazy... It's only around nine, but maybe I'll go to bed? A little extra sleep never hurt anyone...
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